It all starts with digital strategy.

We can develop digital strategies that will be richly engaging and rewarding for both your brand and your target users, by researching their needs and leveraging opportunities in new technology. Start kicking business goals with our Melbourne-made digital strategy approach, drawn from the fields of economics, marketing, psychology and user experience.

User experience research & analysis.

The needs of the many individuals and groups who make up your target market can never be truly represented by a single user profile. At Yump, we’ve been taking a user-centred digital strategy approach since day one. By interpreting what your key users are telling you, we are able to prioritise features and keep your solution simple, targeted and economical.

Our digital strategy experts in Melbourne employ a variety of qualitative and quantitative measures to research and evaluate stakeholder needs. From website audits to analytics and market analysis, we create an Intelligence Report that will take your business to the next level by arming you with powerful insights on your users, market and competitors.

Experience the Yump Intelligence Report!

Say yump to strategic insights.

Strategy Workshops

Our team will work with you and your key stakeholders to identify both internal and external priority user groups and then sharpen the focus to develop detailed user profiles and document their specific needs and requirements. Our collaborative workshops explore customer behaviour, emotion, preferences and pathways to engagement.

User Surveys

User surveys tell us objectively how your users perceive your digital product in terms of its design, navigation, quality of use, and overall satisfaction. Our survey design capabilities have been utilised by large organisations and government agencies alike to produce research insights that supported product development and introduction of policies.

Data Analysis

Big data may be the buzzword of the year, but how do we make sense of all the data that are collected? Our data experts can interpret your website’s analytics report and help you identify your audience demographics, illustrate usage patterns and present specific information about where and how to improve the website.

Market Analysis

We use regression analysis on market data to draw relationships between indicators and find reliable predictors of overall user satisfaction. Our analysis can reveal the user types who are more likely to rate your brand and digital presence highly, and the characteristics that influence the user’s level of satisfaction.
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