Hands down the most user-friendly CMS in the world.

Built on the power of open source, Craft CMS is one of the most-used CMSes by top web agencies and web professionals around the world, and has won several awards including Best CMS for SMB, Best CMS for Developers, and Best WordPress Alternative.

Intuitive for content marketers

Editors easily create and manage great-looking content. The live preview is a powerful, time-saving feature where you preview your work as you type. Content blocks are responsive and can be easily rearranged, disabled, you name it, all without having to enlist the help of a designer and/or developer.

Scalable and supported

With Craft you decide how much or how little functionality your project requires while being supported by the team behind the product. Craft’s built-in Plugin Store provides hundreds of ways to extend Craft. Websites can be scaled to any size, from brochure websites to enterprise behemoths.

Efficient for developers

There is a different philosophy behind what Craft offers out-of-the-box. It starts with basic building blocks and a few useful defaults. From there we can build exactly what we want, rather than wrestling with a prebuilt theme. As a result, the development time is shorter, saving on development budget.

Extremely robust

Craft comes with incredibly necessary features that are built into the core system whereas in other CMSs like Wordpress, these features are built around the core as plugins by 3rd-parties. This is incredibly smart, and makes for a better CMS product for both you and us.

Easy and safe upgrades

This is where Craft has a real advantage in speed and efficiency. Craft is lightweight, its updates are near-constant and are very small and safe unless it’s a big version change. Craft has less bloat, improved load times and a code base much easier to maintain than a CMS like Wordpress or Drupal.

Stellar security

In the event of a security-related bug, Craft can get the fix deployed quickly to their users with Craft's one-click auto-updating. In addition to that, a release can be marked as critical, which makes it obvious there is an update that needs to occur.

Craft puts your content first.

With Craft, your content comes first. No more trying to make your content work within the confines of the CMS. With tens of thousands of sites running on Craft, and over 1,500 in the top million sites, you’re in good company on Craft, and you’re in great company choosing Yump as your Craft CMS development partner.

Let's create something superb together.

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