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Acquire an in-depth understanding of the needs of target users and examine how features should be prioritised so that they can take desired actions with minimal roadblocks. Yump’s very own Creative Director, Yuan Wang, is a UX agency thought-leader and speaker at UX Australia, Australia’s premier user experience design conference.

UX Workshops

Our team will work with you and your key stakeholders to identify both internal and external priority user needs, by conducting collaborative workshops that explore customer behaviour, emotion, preferences and pathways to engagement.

User Evaluation

Our user-based evaluation process identifies practical design issues that are not well understood by internal stakeholders. We facilitate, record and analyse all evaluation results, and provide clear design recommendations to resolve usability issues.

User Surveys

Surveys reveal user perception of your digital product in terms of its design, navigation, quality of use, and overall satisfaction. We produce research insights have been used by large organisations to support service design and product development.

Data Analytics

Big data may be the buzzword of the year, but how do we make sense of all the data that are collected? Our data experts help you identify your audience demographics, illustrate usage patterns and improve customer experiences.

Customer Journey Mapping

Our UX agency team develops communication pillars for each user group, leveraging findings from user and stakeholder discovery. We examine user journeys and create touchpoint strategies solving for communication pillars and user group needs.

Market Analysis

We use regression analysis on market data to draw relationships between indicators and find reliable predictors of overall user satisfaction. Our analysis can reveal the user types who are more likely to rate your brand and digital presence highly, and the characteristics that influence the user’s level of satisfaction.

Driving decisive outcomes with UX.

Leverage current trends and reveal opportunities during user journeys and user testing to better engage them. Learn more about our UX agency work below.

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