Welcome to the newly relaunched Insights Blog.

At Yump, we are passionate about digital technology and its future. From market trends to design principles to product development, we stay ahead in a wide range of related fields, scout for new information and turn data into learnings and insights that will make us more informed as entrepreneurs, business owners, digital marketers and practitioners. Most importantly, we love digital strategy research and data analysis that produce interesting findings, and we strive to present these intelligence in the most creative and fun way possible.

We want to ask questions, big and small, about the world around us. Where is the future of digital going? Will mobile Internet usage overtake desktop? How can we influence decision-making on websites? What are the real differences between creative agencies, design agencies and digital agencies? How can digital products engage people better and become more relevant in our lives?

In an increasingly fragmented digital world, you are constantly presented with more choices, more channels, and more “things you have to do”. Your task list is getting longer, but your desired results are not improving. We want to work smarter, not more, and achieve the best results with the least amount of resources. Only with intelligence backed by data evidence, we can start to put our limited budgets in the right place to gain maximum returns.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, digital marketer, agency-side specialist, or client-side management, we hope you will find our blog articles useful in helping you grow your business, increase customer engagement, build better digital products or simply, make wiser decisions.

Yuan & The Yump Team

By Yuan Wang