AMES Australia

Each year, AMES Australia assists over 40,000 people by providing humanitarian settlement, education, training and employment services for refugees and newly arrived migrants. AMES Australia offers much more than just teaching English. They not only work with new arrivals but also with the community, business and Government to develop sustainable and effective settlement solutions for the whole Victorian community. Their vision is “full participation for all in a cohesive and diverse society.”


Declining engagement & satisfaction.

Although the AMES Australia website was regularly used by more than 15,000 unique monthly visitors, there was declining engagement and poor feedback from visitors using mobile devices. The challenge was to identify where the usability issues were and uncover user insights that would pave the way for a new mobile-friendly design.


Mobile-friendly website that performs fast.

Starting with a comprehensive research process consisting of a site analytics audit, an online survey and internal stakeholders workshops, the team at Yump identified key user priorities by combining insights gathered from both quantitative and qualitative analysis. This led to a reorganised website architecture and a redesign of the website interface. As a result, over 50% of existing buttons and links were removed and simplified, and high-priority pages such as “Find AMES near me” were made easier to access. This means visitors who are on the move can get to their most desired information quickly without getting lost in the clutter.


Monthly visits


Mobile visits


% increase in mobile views


% decrease in mobile time


Mobile visitors are more engaged in less time.

Since its launch, the AMES Australia website has seen a 35% increase in mobile traffic page views, with a 11% decrease in average session duration, meaning mobile visitors are exploring more pages faster. Visitor traffic drop-off from the homepage has reduced by 17% and stakeholder feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Featured as a digital transformation case study in the 2015 October issue of Government Technology Review.

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