Andrew Fuller

Clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller is an influential voice for young people and their teachers and parents, and the author of the bestselling Unlocking Your Child’s Genius, and the highly-rated Tricky Teens and Tricky Kids. He promotes mental health in schools, in particular on the subjects of substance abuse prevention, suicide prevention, the reduction of violence and bullying, in schools and communities both in Australia and internationally.


Lack of digital presence.

The Andrew Fuller website had become obsolete due to a poorly designed interface that was cluttered and not optimised for mobile users. Andrew approached the Yump team to explore new and exciting ways to reach and engage students, parents, schools and allied health professionals via his digital presence. He challenged us to revitalise his website as a credible online resource to support young people and their families.


Colourful, informative & easy-to-use.

Using a user-centred approach, we designed the interface to be simple-to-use so that different groups of users could easily self-identify and take their respective guided pathway to the resources that they need. With large, touch-friendly and colour-coded buttons, we developed the website using best-practice techniques in responsive design and optimised it for mobile devices. Visitors can download practical resources, buy Andrew’s books via an online shopping cart interface, sign up for Andrew’s specially crafted talks and workshops, and also keep up-to-date with Andrew’s blogs about building resilience and fostering the wellbeing of young people.






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A beautiful website with heart & soul.

More than just making the Andrew Fuller website functional and easy-to-use, the Yump team set out to ensure the entire digital experience, like the author and psychologist himself, also has heart and soul. From the colourful childlike illustration to the use of typography and tone of voice, the new website invites all teens, parents and teachers to learn about resilience and mental health while being immersed in Andrew’s uniquely creative world. In the months after the new website launch, its bounce rate decreased from 42% to 35%, a 17% improvement in site engagement. Andrew continues to receive exceedingly positive feedback about his website from his audiences.

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