CMRI Jeans for Genes

Children’s Medical Research Institute is responsible for “Jeans for Genes Day,” one of the most recognised fundraising days in Australia. Contributions go towards the world-leading scientific research institute making a life-changing difference to children, young people, and their families.


Unify underperforming sites to increase efficiency

CMRI had several platforms within its extensive network but managing these separately rapidly drained resources. To overcome this problem and divert funds to where they could make the most impact, CMRI needed a new co-branded website that could consolidate all of its existing platforms. Fundraising campaigns were also overly reliant on in-person activities, so a new website needed to focus on promoting online donations and opening up fundraising pathways.

CMRI's mobile pages

Our work helped raise $1,319,713

Yump was engaged to develop the new website and CMS, donations flow, and integrations with Salesforce and Raisely, a peer-to-peer fundraising platform. We implemented extensive user research from the start of the project to guarantee the website would attract the right people. Our research consisted of site data analysis, stakeholder workshops, and user interviews to create an experience targeted at researchers, donors and fundraisers.


$ raised


Media mentions annually


% increase in pages per session


% increase in average session duration
Donation page

Our work helped raise $1,319,713

The new website consolidated all existing platforms to divert funds to where they were needed most. It saw a 26% increase in pages per session, 34% increase in average session duration, 11% decrease in bounce rate and helped raise a hugely impactful $1,319,713 in donations for Jeans for Genes in 2020. Donor information was also automatically transferred from the website to Salesforce, freeing resources by reducing manual work and staff time.

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