MacKillop Family Services

MacKillop Family Services is a leading NDIS-registered provider of integrated services for children, young people and families. It educates and works for the rights of at-risk people to make sure they always feel safe, nurtured and connected in society.


Outdated site and detached audience

Due to a fast-changing disability services sector, the MacKillop Family Services website was outdated and no longer represented its core business and full scope of services. It required a solution that would increase traffic and realign it with its audience’s needs.


Complex API integration and customer discovery

Yump was engaged to conduct extensive user research and redevelop the main website with the Craft CMS platform to make it simpler to navigate. The redevelopment included a new form builder, flexible donations forms and integrations with EDDI and Eventbrite to help more users interact with the site in a meaningful way.


site traffic growth


time on site improved


increase pages per session


parents and children supported

Rapid reconnection with core audience

The redevelopment of the MacKillop website was extremely well-received by stakeholders. Site traffic grew by 21%, time on site improved by 23%, and pages per session increased by 25%. This demonstrated the increased value that the redeveloped website offered for people looking for meaningful, informed content to act on.

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