Parenting Research Centre

The Parenting Research Centre is Australia’s only national, independent, non-profit research, development and implementation specialist organisation with an exclusive focus on parenting and families. They work across Australia and internationally, with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Darwin staffed by around 65 professionals who are passionate about policy, implementation, service delivery and support.


Lack of online collaboration.

PRC commissioned Yump to deliver a website and integrated social networking area for smalltalk, a project in collaboration with the Victorian State Government, in which PRC helps embed a set of strategies in existing supported playgroups and first-time parent groups. Key objectives include providing general information, high level strategies, implementation support and training resources, as well as promoting genuine exchange of information and engaging with existing providers that are using smalltalk via an online, professional social networking area behind secure login.

Parenting Research Centre Smalltalk Challenge
Parenting Research Centre Smalltalk Solution

User-driven design & testing process.

The Yump team conducted a collaborative UX workshop with PRC representatives and smalltalk facilitators, which helped them clarify their thinking on how to categorise the smalltalk resources; a fruitful exercise that resulted in providers finding the resources they need more easily. This was followed by a content architecture and prototyping workshop and a rigorous design process that utilised the smalltalk branding guidelines. The social networking area was developed and tested extensively by smalltalk facilitators, the project’s key user group, before launch.


Local Government Areas


smalltalk participants


pages per session


% of visitors are returning

Parenting Research Centre Smalltalk Impact

Increase in genuine knowledge sharing & collaboration.

Since its launch, the smalltalk website has consistently performed outstandingly on visitor engagement, with an average of 4 pages and 4 minutes per session, and a high returning visitor proportion of 50%. Today, the smalltalk website and its member networking area have become a key information and resource hub for participants. It is a vital online collaboration space used by 15 Local Government Areas in Victoria, where over 200 users, including smalltalk administrators, facilitators and home coaches, download resources, exchange ideas and learn from each other’s experiences.

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