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As one of Australia’s pioneers in distance and online education, Southern Cross University celebrated 20 years as a university in 2014 and now has over 5000 people studying via distance learning. Combining education accessibility with academic excellence, SCU has developed world-leading expertise in research fields that are locally relevant and internationally significant. In 2016, the Times Higher Education ranked SCU as one of the best young universities in the world.


Low online education enrolment.

Keypath Education Australia Pty Ltd, a service delivery partner of Southern Cross University, was in need of a digital agency partner with specialist user experience design capabilities to address the shortcomings of the SCU Online marketing website. The website, a key portal for engaging prospective students to enrol in online education courses, had a poor experience that did not give the Keypath team the dynamic control required to execute their marketing strategy.

Southern Cross University Online Challenge
Southern Cross University Online Solution

Staged development guided by user research & evaluation.

Yump transformed the SCU Online marketing website in several phases. A UX and stakeholders workshop was carried out for the initial redesign, which also led to the redevelopment of the Content Management System and improvements in search optimisation. We provided the ability to create new courses, campaigns and landing pages to match Keypath’s pay-per-click advertising strategy. We then carried out an in-depth user evaluation with SCU’s target student group that identified key UX issues which informed another round of redesign. We ensured that critical landing pages, such as the homepage and the course landings pages, struck a balance between providing comprehensive information as well as generating new enquiries via a 2-step contact form and customised thank-you pages with strong calls to action.






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Southern Cross University Online Impact

Higher student conversion pillared by great UX.

The final outcome is a beautifully reimagined marketing website for SCU Online that plays a critical role in educating and informing prospective students about the benefits of studying online, their various course offerings and potential career pathways. As the primary digital channel in attracting new students, the finished website is a key component of a wider digital marketing strategy involving search engine optimisation and pay-per-click advertising. The redesign of the SCU Online website has vastly improved the conversion rate of the enquiry form for new students.

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