Creative Director Yuan Wang’s first solo photography exhibition in Australia “Heroes” opens at 6pm, Friday 28th November, at Brunswick Street Gallery, and runs for two weeks until Thursday 11th December.

In “Heroes”, Yuan plays a range of characters and stereotypes, adorned with accessories, products and tourist souvenirs that are often associated with Australia’s sense of identity in the mainstream. Playful and irreverent, his self-portraits examine themes including multiculturalism, nationalism, immigration, identity, sexuality, kitsch, branding and globalisation.

In his own words, “I am interested in creating my own narrative via a collection of ideas about myself. These ideas are rooted in my cross-cultural background and socio-political values. They represent my many different sides, and the different ‘masks’ and ‘hats’ I wear along my life journey. I am also interested in exploring the dual and opposite sides of my self-perception, for example, hero or villain, thinker or buffoon.”

“Heroes” by Yuan Wang
28 November – 11 December 2014
Brunswick Street Gallery
322 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065

Opening 6 – 8pm Friday 28 November

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