Yump is heading to the UX Australia 2015 conference held in Brisbane on the 27th and 28th of August to speak as part of the main conference program line-up! Creative Director Yuan Wang will be presenting his talk “The secret to 10,000 likes? Running a social media campaign with UX and behavioural nudges”.

UX Australia 2015

UX Australia is Australia’s premier user experience design conference. Presentations cover a wide range of UX-related topics such as practical techniques, case studies, designing experiences for new contexts and overcoming the hurdles of getting better work done in large organisations. This year, topics include accessibility, airport user experience, designing for healthcare, designing for change, ethnographic research and even a touch of neuroscience.

User Experience Design

A truly multidisciplinary area, user experience design requires the responsibilities and contributions of whole teams as well as the users of the product to create and refine its overall experience. As such, UX Australia is, in essence, a community conference in which speakers are chosen from and by the community. The conference isn’t just about the presentations, but about meeting up, networking and spending the time together to make friendships and share knowledge.

So what can we tell you about our upcoming talk?

We’re going to show what happens when you team an experimental economist, UX practitioners and a stand-up comedian to run a social media campaign to drive engagement and lead generation. We will demonstrate how we went about attempting to achieve our target of 10,000 likes in a social media campaign by combining UX research and behavioural nudges with lots of creative juices – what a typical week during the campaign looks like, our successes and failures, and most importantly, our learnings and how they can help other practitioners make an impact in the digital strategy space.

You can check out the full conference program or register at the UX Australia website. Stay tuned for our post-conference wrap-up report.