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Yump's Back! UX Australia 2017 and Winners' Circle

Yumps back at ux australia 2017

Great Things Come in Threes

This July, Yump is proudly back in the winners' circle, awarded 'Best Website or Online Service (Government & Not-for-Profit)' at the 2017 AMY Awards, for helping and collaborating with Thankyou effectively to redesign and redevelop their Track Your Impact web app. The same project also took out 'Highly Commended in UX' at the 2016 AC&E Awards, 'Best in Digital Design' at the Premier Design's Awards, and featured as a case study at last year's UX Australia main conference.

Yump awards

Also for the 3rd time, Yump has been shortlisted to speak at UX Australia, Australia's biggest conference for User Experience practitioners.

Yumps back at ux australia 2017

What’s On at UX Australia This Year

This year’s UX Australia will take place in August 8-11 in Sydney. Over 2 days of workshops and 2 days of conference presentations, Australia’s premier User Experience event will:

  • Feature speakers local and from around the world;
  • Encourage social interaction and spark talks on what’s new in UX;
  • Gather new ideas and inspiration, techniques and skills, solutions to problems and best practices on design thinking.

Understanding and crafting user journeys is the name of this game and here you can learn some of the best ways to do it.

What to Expect

You will find talks on anything from how to build your UX agency team, self-service experiences and customer journeys, to how to use design to make the world a better place.

The presenters include local and global UX researchers, designers, academics and leaders from both in-house teams and digital agencies.

You will be introduced to a realm of creativity, such as whole ecosystems created to solve a problem, entirely new ways to buy and sell, and how UX design reaches into the physical world and changes the way we live.

This year, Yump’s Creative Director, Yuan Wang, will present a tale of lean startups and angry customers. But before we get a taste of his upcoming presentation, let’s recap Yuan’s past two talks at UX Australia.

Yump digital agency and thank you

UX Australia 2016: From Bottle Water to Ending World Poverty

Last year Yuan took the stage with Wesley Rodricks, Head of Creative design at Thankyou and presented their incredible success with the Thankyou Track Your Impact (TYI) project.

Wes opened with Thankyou’s heartwarming story:

  • Their mission to end global poverty and how they tackle problems in the poorest corners of the world;
  • How Thankyou fund their humanitarian partnerships via different ranges of products;
  • How transparency underpins their customers’ connection to their brand and the impact they bring;
  • How their web app TYI fulfils the very unique customer journey from buying a bottle of water to tracking the impact on a small village in Cambodia.

That was when Yuan walked the audience through the ups and down of transforming a user experience like no other:

  • How they collaboratively formed a strategy to arrest declining engagement and stagnating sign-ups;
  • How they increased triggers, increased simplicity and tackled motivational barriers to using TYI
  • How the Yump and Thankyou teams co-designed and launched the new TYI in time for Thankyou’s Chapter One event within two months;
  • How they achieved 100% increase in new user sign-ups and 200% increase in signed-in user tracks with the newly revitalised TYI;
  • What they learned from their wonderful journey and insights to help others facing similar challenges.
The secret to 10000 likes

Back in Time: The Secret to 10,000 Likes

At UX Australia 2015, Yuan spoke about applying UX principles in social media. In particular, his presentation illustrated the logistics of running a social media campaign with UX design and behavioral nudges in order to achieve 10,000 likes.

He demonstrated to a packed room:

  • What is a ‘like’ worth;
  • How his diverse team at Yump came together to research, design, test and execute a successful campaign.
  • How lots of creativity was needed to grease the wheels of the campaign;
  • How they applied what we understood about behavioural nudges to convert more likes and clicks;
  • How that extra engagement led to lower costs of conversion and translated to the bottom line.

Yuan showed that it took “thinking outside a box” to make an impact, especially for a little known brand that could not afford traditional media campaigns. He also shared with the audience the lessons they learnt and what to look out for in your digital marketing efforts.

Thinking outside a box

Coming Up: Tales From Lean Startups

This year, Yuan will explore the highs and lows of lean startups, dealing with angry customers and how to learn from them.

Yuan co-founded his first SaaS startup, Studio Ninja, in 2015 with wedding photographer Chris Garbacz. Studio Ninja is a client management software designed for photographers, helping them save time, stay organised and keep track of all clients, jobs, tasks and invoicing. Using Studio Ninja as the primary case study, as well as other lean startups around Australia, Yuan will present:

  • How they got their first 70 users without having a product or financial base;
  • On building productive relationships with customers and co-designing with limited resources;
  • On applying lean user research and usability testing techniques;
  • How Studio Ninja turned a disastrous launch into a customer base of 1000 subscribers worldwide;
  • How dissatisfied customers taught them important lessons and laid the foundation for future success.

Get your tickets to UX Australia 2017 here.