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Thankyou’s mission is to solve poverty by redistributing wealth from consumer spending. Using its innovative range of personal care and baby products, the social enterprise redirects profits to uplift 764 million people living in extreme poverty around the world.

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Connect to a global audience

Thankyou wanted to scale up, expand globally, and change the way it connected with its community.

This required finding ways to get its message heard across the world, implementing a brand new impact model, and ditching its existence as an online store.

As Yump had previously designed and developed Thankyou’s world-first product tracking platform ‘Track Your Impact’ in 2016, Yump was Thankyou’s first choice in seeking a partner that could help achieve its digital goals.

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Visually attract and inform

Yump worked closely with Thankyou’s founder, Daniel Flynn, and his brand and creative team to scope and devise a new site structure. We wireframed extensively and provided feedback to Thankyou’s designers along the way.

When our developers built the website, they made extensive use of animation and videos to communicate the ambitious scope of Thankyou’s campaign.

Drawing on our experience with Track Your Impact, Yump developed a new, multi-faceted ‘Impact’ section on the site that showed how funds are allocated to Thankyou’s partners and related goals.

This solution helped Thankyou focus on finding supporters that embraced the same people-before-profits outlook.

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Over 2.66 million visits in 2 weeks

Thankyou launched its new website to a global audience with the “no small plan” campaign in October 2020 during the global pandemic.

With the website completed, Thankyou ran an epic campaign that achieved 743 media mentions in 35 countries. The campaign also drew heavy traffic to the new site, where Thankyou received more than 2.66 million sessions.

To date, our work that includes Thankyou's main website, Track Your Impact, the partners portal and the app, have positively contributed towards Thankyou being able to raise $17 million in funding.