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Deafnav is a centralised portal helping Australians better understand, access and connect with the deaf and hard of hearing community. It provides resources, support and services designed to improve the quality of life for people in the deaf and hard of hearing communities, as well as their families.

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Bringing a critical support platform to life

The Deaf and hard of hearing communities have historically lacked the information necessary to connect with one another and find support – needs vital for leading positive lives.

Deafnav were determined to address by creating an easy-to-use and neutral website for deaf and hard of hearing people that offered unbiased information, services, events, and support.

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Accessibility-focused content integration

Yump designed and developed the Deafnav brand and website, making content bilingual with Auslan – this included Auslan-first videos, live chat, a video message option, and a document translation service. In addition, a co-design approach to all aspects of the redesign was adopted by Yump and expression Australia, alongside consortium partners deaf can:do and deaf services Queensland.

This methodology helped deaf and hard of hearing staff and community members stay involved at all points of project planning and implementation. Staff and community members were also invited to test out prototypes and suggest improvements during the design process.

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Better access to life-changing content

The upward trending use of live chat and document translation services indicates a strong need for these services in the community. Thankfully, Yump has played an important part in making information more accessible for those that need it.

Since launch, the redesigned Deafnav site has empowered over 5,500 users to more easily unlock vital services, support and community events. furthermore, its Auslan-first videos featured on Deafnav have received over 2,000 views to date.