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Berry Street Gifts

Berry Street Gifts is a fundraising website supporting Berry Street's mission to help families impacted by poverty, violence and abuse. They engaged us to revamp their virtual gift catalogue and increase visitor engagement and fundraising via an improved user experience.

Increase in
funds raised
Number of gifts
purchased per user
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Berry Street Gifts Challege Mobile

An outdated website lacking key integrations

Berry Street needed to revamp their virtual gift catalogue. They had an outdated Drupal 7 platform that lacked integration with their marketing automation, and a need to streamline their online presence in line with their website transformation strategy. The much-needed redevelopment posed an opportunity for Berry Street to improve user engagement, conversion rates, and accessibility. 

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Berry Street Gifts Solution Mobile

A research-driven roadmap

We conducted extensive research, workshops, and interviews to define a clear picture of the users, their needs and their likely behaviours when interacting with the site. This involved the creation of user personas and journey maps, as well as the development of an intuitive information architecture. These together shaped a comprehensive roadmap of the features the new site could have.

On the back of this discovery process, the fundraising website was created and optimised for accessibility and conversion, before being tested with donors. We created an engaging, seamless gift-purchasing experience to maximise the number of purchases completed and increase the purchase value for each donation. This was achieved with clever UX patterns that would incentivise donors to purchase multiple gifts, rather than a single gift.

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45% increase in funds raised

Compared to the year leading up to its transformation, the new fundraising website had 400K unique visitors and a 45% increase in funds raised was achieved. The average number of gifts purchased per user increased by approximately 200%. Improvements to accessibility enhanced inclusivity, enabling a broader audience to make a significant impact on the lives of vulnerable children.

Not-for-profit winner at the Australian Web Awards.