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Positive Partnerships

Positive Partnerships is a national project funded by the Australian government and delivered by Autism Spectrum Australia. They work with Australian schools, communities and families to deliver free resources, workshops and online learning related to autism. This evidence-based content helps Positive Partnerships inform families and make a real difference in the lives of young people with autism.

Positive Partnerships home page

Disconnect from audience

The clearest problem Positive Partnerships experienced was a confusing website with fragmented content. This meant its scope and services were vague to parents and teachers supporting students living with autism, impacting on their ability to support them effectively.

Positive Partnerships also lacked an understanding of current user behaviour and the Drupal content management system made navigating the website cumbersome for internal users.

Positive Partnerships mobile view

Extensive usability testing

After defining Positive Partnerships organisational goals via workshops, we identified technical challenges and developed a user relationship model. This model highlighted the relationship between the organisation and its users and provided criteria for usability testing.

Restructuring of resources and pages and UI style guide then followed. We also created prototypes for usability testing. After gathering insights, we applied findings into the final website build and ensured the website met WCAG accessibility requirements.

Positive Partnerships team and resources pages

Important funding avenues renewed

The superior user experience design implemented by Yump was also well-received by stakeholders and helped Positive Partnerships renew its government funding.

The craft CMS solution also helped cut staff time significantly, helping redirect precious resources to where they could make more of a difference to individuals and families alike.