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Swinburne University

Swinburne University is a top Melbourne university creating career-ready graduates in business, health, science, design, technology and innovation. Its research institutes benefit Australians in countless ways by regularly tackling crucial challenges with informed research.

Swinburne’s research institutes home page
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Inaccessible information

The websites that encompassed Swinburne’s research institutes required a significant overhaul. They were not accessible, nor did they present information in user-friendly ways.

These issues created a distinct problem for Swinburne University. Poor user experience would hinder its ability to attract industry interest, support and funding.

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In-depth stakeholder engagement

Swinburne engaged Yump to design and build a new website for its research institutes, a group of 6 institutes.

Working closely with Swinburne’s IT and marketing teams, Yump delivered a visually engaging, mobile-friendly and accessible website to help the institutes better connect with people who would find value in its research.

Swinburne’s research institutes project features

Faultless collaboration and superior project delivery

We learned early on that close collaboration with Swinburne University would be key to the success of this project.

Applying leadership, we implemented up-to-the-minute insights from on-campus stakeholders and stationed our developers amidst Swinburne’s it team at the university.

Our hand-in-hand approach helped to bridge the lack of internal capacity – and with our TerminalFour and accessibility expertise, we ensured the project was delivered ahead of time and within budget.