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Energy And Water Ombudsman Victoria

EWOV (Energy And Water Ombudsman Victoria) is a not-for-profit ombudsman that seeks to resolve energy and water complaints in Victoria. As an independent dispute resolution service, EWOV aims to provide Victorian customers a sense of control and satisfaction with free, accessible, informal and fast dispute resolution.

Ewov (Energy And Water Ombudsman Victoria) home page

The misunderstanding of core services

The challenge for EWOV was two-fold. firstly, confusion related to the role of ombudsman made conveying the services of EWOV difficult. Secondly, EWOV’s dispute resolution processes – its core service – was difficult to navigate and time-consuming.

Ewov (Energy And Water Ombudsman Victoria) desktop and mobile view

Streamlining and expediting dispute resolution

EWOV wanted a website that worked like a self-service consumer portal – but to make this happen, we had to figure out how it could better provide information to users, as well as streamline its key service:

Dispute resolution, to do this, we first conducted SEO keyword research to identify consumer-friendly topics related to energy, water and gas issues.

Next, we restructured the website to help consumers self-identify issues before they needed to submit a complaint. We then redesigned the complaint form to reduce its complexity, making it easier to complete quickly while still verifying the same important information.

Part of this process involved usability testing with consumers from different age groups. Testing the prototype would help ensure the final product worked as planned.

EWOV (Energy And Water Ombudsman Victoria) Project

Better user outcomes in half the time

The redesign of the website has improved user experience dramatically. simplifying the existing complaint form enables users to lodge their complaints in half the time.

Our consumer-first SEO strategy is helping users quickly find pages relevant to their needs. Energy and water companies can also access critical data and reports more easily.