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Berry Street

Berry Street is a family service organisation that advocates for the protection of children, young people and families. It does this by positively reimagining systems that deliver important services to those in need – in turn developing safer, more secure and well-informed communities.

Berry street mobile and desktop view

Integrate complex features

Berry Street had already created a website development roadmap, but the team was unsure about how to implement it. There was uncertainty on how critical features and functionality should be implemented to meet UX design best practices, accessibility standards, and timeline constraints.

Getting these right would majorly impact its ability to reach more audiences, increase access to services, and drive donations – that’s why Yump was brought on board.

Berry street home page

Implement accessible website design

The Yump team came up with a suite of solutions based on the roadmap. The final product had to be compliant with WCAG accessibility guidelines, and drive growth and engagement with children, young people and families while staying in line with a precise budget.

To do this, we redesigned and redeveloped the entire Berry Street website by restructuring the site map to improve access to specific programs, services, training and events.

We also revitalised the look and feel of the website by using playful elements from the branding guidelines. Last but not least, we also redesigned the website’s donation pathway to emphasise the positive impact of giving.

Berry street mobile views

Connecting People To Crucial Services

There were many successes overall, including a 66% increase in users, 87% increase in page views and 13.5% increase in average session duration, compared to a year ago.

The redevelopment of the program finder feature allows families to find relevant services quicker and easier – an incredibly important step in guaranteeing everyone gets the help they need when they need it.