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InLife Independent Living is a disability support agency for people with complex disability needs. They needed an extensive rebrand and revitalisation of their digital presence. We were engaged to build support foundations for their service and vision - to positively transform the experience of disability support.

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Barriers to growth and an outdated website

While InLife has a need to attract new clients, their primary focus is attracting new staff, which has been their greatest barrier to growth. Their branding did not position them as an industry leader and an outdated website design didn't align with their technology priorities or their vision. The website was hard to navigate and failed to meet accessibility standards - a significant issue considering their user base.

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Transforming disability support through inclusive UX

With a commitment to inclusivity, accessibility, and user-centred design, we set out to transform their digital offering. Craft CMS was recommended as a content management system because it enables content managers with limited technical knowledge to efficiently and effectively manage the website.

Employing an iterative design and development approach, we chose to shift the emphasis towards attracting new employees to transform InLife’s support potential. This involved prioritising current opportunities, ‘Join our Team’ actions and employment information. We streamlined the application process, by allowing job seekers to filter job opportunities according to their preferences.  

The rollout of these upgrades within the rebrand enabled InLife to attract new staff, as well as qualify new clients while strengthening their position as an industry leader in the disability sector. 

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An industry leader in the disability sector

The new brand and website were launched to the InLife community at the MCG in August 2022. Site traffic reports showed a 100% increase in unique visitors in Australia when compared to the year before. The optimised mobile experience increased usage of the platform on handheld devices by 40%.

Conversion rates and numbers of qualified leads increased and because the website effectively informs and screens potential clients, the quality of conversions and enquiries also improved. Critically, the revamped careers section has helped attract top talent, of which 94% would recommend InLife as an employer to their friends and colleagues. The transformation has had a broad-ranging impact, enabling InLife to strengthen their position and secure their place as an industry leader in the disability sector.